Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Times Are Hard... Christmas Shouldn't Be!!

Money's tight.  That should be the phrase for the year.  Seems like everyone I know is scrimping and saving for one reason or another.  This royal family is certainly no different.

Now... while I truley despise the idea of thinking about Christmas before Thanksgiving, . . . this year, it is a must.  I swore as soon as I had the space to do it, I was going to get more thrifty and more crafty with my Holiday plans.  I truely believe that so much more thought goes into a handmade gift than a department store bargain.  Now... don't go giving me any Martha Stuart awards.  I have no intention of going all out and hand-making everything.  I'm going to mix it up with custom design gift baskets and such.

With thrifty shopping in the past, I have created better gift baskets than I could have bought... and for cheap in comparison to buying the pre-designed model.

So throughout my holiday planning, I intend to post the best and most creative of ideas as I stumble upon them.  Doesn't mean I will be giving all of them... some are just too much work... but if it's something I think is interesting, I'm going to share it with you so that you too may participate in an enjoyable "Money's tight" Holiday season.

That being said... this is the idea I've stumbled upon today.  For those of you with girly-girl daughters, grand-daughters, nieces, etc. this is by far totally awesome!!  And it's only going to cost you some common household items and packaging bound for the dumpster... oh yeah... and TIME... lots.. and LOTS... of TIME!!  Honestly I like this project much better as a "JUST BECAUSE WE WANT TO HAVE FUN" present.  It'd be a blast to do with the kids.

Brought to you by the wonderful FAMILY FUN magazine...
I bring you the PERFECT (aka totally creative and wonderfully imaginative) DOLLHOUSE... I had to add to the name because I am a very very creative and crafty person (comes from growing up POOOOOR!)... and I am in awe at the detail and creativeness in these 6 PAGES of detailed instructions!!  A MUST SEE!!!


The Queen said...


The Queen said...

OK I do love the footer of Ellie kissing a dragon.. scroll down and check it out folks... and stay tuned.. she's gonna redesign the castle over at the Queen's place ... cause she loves me..oh.. and I pay her..

Farmer*swife said...

This sounds cool; that is an awesome magazine. My friend just started sharing hers with me. :-)

FYI, I'm not bored but I am loyal -- and I would like to be up in lights on your blog roll!

Happy Wednesday!

Now I'm off to add the new address to my blog roll in replacement of the other.

MrsW said...

That's cool. I made a Barbie house for my daughter when she was 3 out of a bookcase, she loved it! I carpeted it with leftover bits from my odd shaped rooms and bought end rolls of wall tiles (little 1" ones) and painted it all a vile fuschia and turquoise (did I mentione she loved it?) The top was a roof garden with sponges painted green for shrubs. Cannot imagine why I never in the 3 years she took to trash it (love it much every day) took a photo. It was pre-digital, pre-historic times but you know, I can scan. Oh well.

It was so cheap yet so much better than the plastic crap. The tiles were grouted - take that Mattel.

Welcome back to blog-land, I'm off to peruse the shiny new site :)

The Real Life Fairy Tale Princess said...

The Queen... I'll get to it... had an idea, but the headache fried it from my skull. Back to the drawing board.

FW... You are officially blog rolled (great magazine)

MrsW... OMG... I want pics... that sounds soooooo awesome! the tiles were grouted - take that Mattel *peed*

The Queen said...



BEWARE OF DRAGON: She is poorly fed and often tormented. Chances are you looked tasty from the minute you set foot on the blog. Keep your distance and do not provoke her. The Princess refuses to be held responsible for the consequences of your own stupidity. Dragons have sharp teeth and you taste good with ketchup!!